Credit Transfer


Today, the worlds most influential multinational companies are seeking qualified graduates to work for them, to broaden and diversify their operations and their product ranges. Asian student graduates who are either trained in Western universities or have completed parts of their studies in a Western university are highly sought after for their innovation and creativity. Our programs connect directly with the industries and their educational requirements.

Lincoln University College is part of a network of reputable universities around the globe. Our credit transfer system is a comprehensive, easy and a quick way to plan how to reach your educational and career goals through transferring to institutions of higher learning that you choose.

Student learning is our focus and we take seriously our responsibility towards preparing young students for the future, nurturing minds that will contribute to the world. The environment we provide is meant to be a positive start for the student. Our learning environment is diverse culturally, broadening the students understanding and perspective, with small classes, students learn through interactions, experiential activities, learning groups, teams, using new methods for a new generation.

Lincoln University College (LUC) is situated in beautiful, multicultural Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All our programmes are approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). LUC has a solid foundation in the business, arts and sciences disciplines.

Our Basic Skills and Education Program can set you on a path of achieving your career goals by providing you with the foundational credits and skills to further continue your education. Our curriculum and courses have been designed to correspond and align with the North American, Australian, and other educational systems credit transfer criteria - a standardized and universal curriculum.