American Degree Transfer Programme in Science KPT/JPS(PA 7602)07/22

The United States is the premium destination for international students seeking higher education overseas. The US has one of the finest higher education systems in the world, with outstanding programs in every field. The American Degree Transfer Programme in Science is a well-balanced programme designed to impart knowledge in the basic theories and application of science along with specialization in applied science and engineering. The students will graduate with fundamental knowledge related to Science with enhanced understanding in virtually all the aspects that are necessary for making transition into technology and to compete head on with the global workforce. The American degree generally takes 4 years to complete. Students have the option of transferring to a US university during 2nd or 3rd year. ADTP students usually transfer as junior (3rd Year) students. Once completing the core courses, the students can choose to specialize in any one of the two concentrations including applied science and engineering. Students will be assessed continuously via assignments,coursework, presentations, tests and even extra- and co-curricular activities.The all-inclusive broad based training in independent thinking, research and development along with advocacy, technology deployment, manufacturing, societal aspects, and nation building would give LUC students considerable edge in adjusting to the new economy within their future workplace.

The primary objective is to provide knowledge and understanding for successful use of technology in an organization to attain better performance and operational efficiency. This would ascertain developing the student’s intellectual ability and understand the need for creativity during the design of solutions to current issues. The program of American Degree Transfer in Science will produce graduates who are

  • Knowledgeable and skillful in the field of science.

  • Able to manage information so as to embrace lifelong learning with capability to solve problem related to science with competencies and scientific skills.

  • Professionals capable of working internationally in the broad field of science with non-government organizations,and with different business cultures with teamwork responsibilities, values and ethics to face challenges of the global employment market.

  • Capable to be a leader with good managers along with effective communication to implement tasks and to demonstrate entrepreneurship skill toward the creation of employment opportunities.

The American Degree Transfer Programme in Science is designed to give students academic and technical skills in broad areas to enable them to find their niche in the industry, government sector, public advocacy, legislation, academics, and manufacturing. Many major companies and brands in the world are US-based; they actively recruit graduates from top US colleges and universities and fund research. An American degree is regarded as a symbol of excellence worldwide. Lincoln University College (LUC) is pleased to provide a list of career opportunities in various faculty, management and administrative roles.

Minimum Duration : 24 Months.
Maximum Duration : 48 Months.

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name Credits
1 ADPC 1143 Psychology 3
2 ADPC 1153 Fundamentals of Internet Applications 3
3 MPU 3113 Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization (TITAS) 3
4 MPU 3163 Malay Communication (Pelajar Antarabangsa) 3
5 MPU 3173 Malaysian Studies 3
6 ADPC 1113 Basic English I 3
7 ADPC 1123 World Religions 3
8 ADPC 1133 American History I 3
9 MPU 3123 Ethnic Relations 3
10 ADPC 1213 American History II 3
11 ADPC 1223 Basic English II 3
12 ADPS 1233 Introduction to Statistics 3
13 ADPC 1243 Fundamentals of Computer 3
14 ADPC 1253 Mass Communication 3
15 ADPE 1263 Introduction to Music 3
16 ADPE 1273 Introduction to Drawing 3
17 ADPE 1283 Introduction to Film 3
18 MPU 3342 Government and Public Policy Malaysia 2
19 MPU 3232 Leadership Skills and Human Relations 2
20 MPU 3452 Community Service 2
21 ADPC 1313 Interpersonal Communication 3
22 ADPS 2113 Algebra 3
23 ADPS 2123 Environmental Science 3
24 ADPS 2133 Trigonometry and Geometry 3
25 ADPS 2143 Biotechnology 3
26 ADPS 2233 Chemistry 3
27 ADPC 2253 Research Methods 2
28 ADPS 2213 Calculus 3
29 ADPS 2223 Physics 3
30 ADPC 2243 Quantitative Methods 3
31 ADPS 2313 Human Anatomy and Physiology 3
32 ADPSE 2313 Introduction to Civil Engineering 3
33 ADPSE 2333 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering 3
34 ADPSE 2343 Introduction to Electrical Engineering 3
35 ADPSE 2353 Basic Biology 3
36 ADPSE 2323 Introduction to Chemical Engineering 3
37 ADPSE 2363 Basic Genetics 3
38 ADPSE 2373 Applied Microbiology 3
39 ADPSE 2383 Applied Biochemistry 3
40 ADPS 2323 Applied Science 3

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. Certificate of Education (SPM) / General Certificate of Education (GCE) O- Levels Pass with 5 Credits (5Cs) inclusive of a credit in English; or
  2. Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with 5 credits (5Bs) inclusive of a credit in English; or
  3. Any other qualification deemed equivalent by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (or as stated in the List of Academic Qualifications Standards, Malaysian Qualifications Agency)

English Requirements

  1. Local Student: Credit (SPM / 1119 / UEC / GCE O-Level Examination) / Min Score of Band 4 in MUET
  2. International Student: Band 5.5 in IELTS; or a score of 213 (Computer-Based) or 79 (Internet - Based); or 550 (Paper- Based) in TOEFL
  3. If English Language requirements are not fulfilled, students are required to sit for the English Placement test and based on the results, students will be advised to take the appropriate English course (s) of the Certificate in Intensive English Students are required to complete the Certificate of Intensive English modules before the commencement of the American Degree Transfer Program

International Students:

For non-Malaysian citizen, refer to the list Equivalency of Academic Qualifications, Malaysian Qualification Agency.

Duration : 24 Months.

University : LUC American Degree

Level : Bachelor