Master of Communication


Master of Communication KPT/JPS(FA 4136)08/24

The science of Communication changes every time and has the power to bring equal possibility to change course of events in the world. A Master programme in Communication at LUC aims to imbue the ‘rich content’ to construct views, communicate ideas, bridge communication gaps in all spheres as in media, development sectors, organizations, public and advanced research set in local and international market. This programme believes in ‘content will always be the king’ and such content construction and delivery can really be interesting and fascinating. Come and create your signature and carve a way to communicate with the modern world

The program of Master of Communication will produce Media Professionals who are

  1. Knowledgeable about the organization of media industry, its functioning and aware of the scope and career opportunities in communication and media studies; trained in practical skills like reporting and writing.
  2. Qualified for employment in the media industry and know their role, social responsibilities and also aware on the values and ethics by practicing professionalism towards media, audience and the society.
  3. Possess values and attitudes related to media profession and follow media laws; specialized in precise areas based on individual talents and aptitude thereby ensuring better communication standards, leadership & team skills needed to produce quality media content.
  4. Trained to think systematically in a scientific method making use of communication theories and models and empowered to suggest solutions using problem solving skills.
  5. Efficient in information management of new media and lifelong learning, to start media organizations like an advertising agency and event management programs.

  1. Consultants in Corporate Environment
  2. Public and Labour Relations Specialists
  3. Communications Managers
  4. Marketing Specialists
  5. Media Buyers
  6. Media Relations Specialists
  7. Promotions Managers
  8. Advertising Consultants
  9. Press Secretaries
  10. Speechwriters
  11. Community Affairs Specialist
  12. Crisis Communication Experts
  13. Online News and Entertainment
  14. Social Media Content Writers

Full Time : 18 Months.
Part Time : 30 Months.

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name Credits
1 MMC 1114 Communication and New Technology 4
2 MMC 1124 Communication Theories 4
3 MMC 1134 Development Communication 4
4 MMC 1214 Intercultural Communication 4
5 MMC 1224 Media Ethics 4
6 MMC 1234 Crisis Communication 4
7 MMC 1244 PR and Corporate Communication 4
8 MMC 1254 Media Convergence and Management 4
9 MMC 1314 Research Methods in Communication 4
10 MMC 1324 Marketing Communication Strategic 4
11 MMC 1334 Organisational Communication 4
12 MMC 1344 International Communication 4
13 MMC 2412 Media and communication Research Project 12

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. Passed a Bachelor's Degree (Level 6 MOH) or equivalent with at least 2.75 from Senate of Lincoln University College recognized by the Government of Malaysia: or
  2. A Bachelor's Degree or equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 and not achieving a CGPA of 2.75, may be admitted subject to a thorough internal assessment; or
  3. Bachelor's degree or its equivalent and not achieving a CGPA of 2.50, may be admitted subject to at least 5 years of experience in the relevant field; or
  4. Other qualifications recognized as equivalent by the Government of Malaysia.

For international students a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of 600 or International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) with a score of 6.0 or equivalent is required. If a student does not meet this requirement, the HEP must offer an English proficiency course to ensure that the student's proficiency is adequate to meet the requirements of the program. This is usually done through an assessment process.

Duration : 18 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Master