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Master of Science in Public Health KPT/JPS(PA 5512)07/22

The Master of Public health program under the Faculty of Science is designed to give students academic and technical skills in broad areas. This program prepares professionals to work on a wide range of public health initiatives;policy advocacy, health education, institutional administration, treatment delivery and disease prevention. The program combines the precise training in international relations theory and practice with the analytical and quantitative tools of policy making. The program teaches students a wide range of skills that are valuable for careers in government, business, and international organizations. Global health concerns such as AIDS, avian bird flu, SARS, malnutrition, global warming and the recent Ebola virus have significantly increased awareness and understanding of the critical importance of public health in today’s global society. The program would train students in a breadth of research and practice intended to improve population health across the life course. The program is designed as a trans formative program, which offers students the education, training, and first-hand experience essential for successful international careers.

The program would aim to progress the health of the entire population and to reduce health inequities among population groups by examining, studying, and acting upon the broad range of factors and conditions that have a strong influence on health. The program of Master in Public health will produce Health Professionals who are:

  • Knowledgeable and skillful in the field of Public health, to provide basic idea about the health principles, values and adapt protocols and procedures for progressing theory and practice that improves the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of public health services.

  • Able to manage information related to public health with competencies and thus be able to relate to public health sectors that reduces the discrimination in health access and health outcomes.

  • Capable of solving problems related to public health in using scientific skills.

  • Competent professionals with ethical conducts and perform social responsibilities for facing challenges of the global employment market to work internationally in health departments, with non-government organizations, and with different business cultures.

  • Able to develop leadership role with good teamwork, and communication, for the planning and implementing tasks like teaching of public health professionals to understand about the global health care perspectives to enhance their employ ability.

The course will prepare students with the knowledge and skills so that these professionals could enhance health in human populations, through organized community effort to assure services essential to protect and promote the health of populations. These public health programs would focus on preparing individuals who will serve as practitioners,researchers and instructors, competent to carry out broad public health functions in local, state, national and international settings.Potential career positions include:
· Food safety inspector
· Health inspector
· Public health advisor
· Director of health
· Health communications specialist
· Counselor
· Psychiatric and medical social worker
· Research consultants and trainer
· Entrepreneur.

Full Time : 18 Months.
Part Time : 36 Months.

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name Credits
1 MSPH 1014 Health Services Systems 4
2 MSPH 1023 Principles of Environmental Health Sciences 3
3 MSPH 1033 Health Information Technology 3
4 MSPH 1043 Family Health 3
5 MSPH 2053 Biostatistics 3
6 MSPH 2064 Epidemic and Disaster Management 4
7 MSPH 2074 Economic Evaluation in Health Care 4
Elective (choose any one module from the following)
8 MSPH 2083 Non Communicable Disease 3
9 MSPH 2093 Tobacco, Alcohol and Illicit Drugs 3
10 MSPH 2103 Health Policy 3
11 MSPH 3113 Occupational Health 3
12 MSPH 3124 Epidemiology 4
13 MSPH 3133 Research Methodology 3
Elective (choose any one module from the following)
14 MSPH 3144 Infectious Diseases 4
15 MSPH 3154 Health Promotion and Primary Prevention 4
16 MSPH 3164 Health Impact Assessment 4
17 MSPH 3174 HIV/AIDS: Responses 4
18 MSPH 4186 Project Work 6

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. Bachelor's Degree (Level 6 MOH) in a related field with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent in the field of Health Sciences, as accepted by the HEP Senate; or
  2. Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent (Level 6 MOH) in Health Sciences but not achieving a CGPA of 2.50 may be accepted with a minimum of five (5) years working experience in the related field.

Duration : 18 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Master