Post Graduate Diploma in Wound Care Management KPT/JPS (PA 14728) 07/26

The Post Graduate Diploma in Wound Care Management program at Lincoln University College aims to prepare healthcare practitioners to effectively handle complex wound healing management. The goal is to equip experienced, committed healthcare professionals with the required knowledge and abilities in wound healing and tissue restoration so that patients receive the best possible treatment. The curriculum is aimed to help health professionals improve their knowledge and skills in caring for patients with complex wounds, which is becoming more common. Students will learn specialized skills that will allow them to develop, implement, and evaluate wound care management programs.

The graduates will have a good understanding about the pathophysiology of different types of wounds and its care. Usages of different types of implication arising from different types of wound care products. They also gather risk management skill and learn the patient care management. The program Post Graduate Diploma in Wound Care Management will produce managers and specialists who are:

  • Knowledgeable and competent in critical thinking, problem solving and performing wound care problems with cognitive skills.
  • Capable of adopting methodical, accurate responsibility through effective communication within a team.
  • Competent to demonstrate leadership and numerical skills for wound care research work.
  • Able to identify the business opportunities, managerial and entrepreneurship skill for social development with lifelong and ethical responsibility through attitudes, proper value, and professionalism in the field of wound care.

In a number of health care settings, health care practitioners trained in sophisticated wound management are required. Graduates of this program are health professionals and include:

  • Wound care Manager
  • Wound care Specialist
  • Wound care Nurse
  • Wound care Lecturer in Medical college and university
  • Clinical Coordinator for Skin and Wound Care
  • Wound Care Administrator
  • Wound Care Sales Consultant

Minimum Duration: 12 Months (Full time)
Maximum Duration: 24 Months (Part time)

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name Credits
1 PGWM7013 Anatomy & Physiology (Including - The Skin & Vascular System) 3
2 PGWM7022 Hygiene and Microbiology 2
3 PGWM7033 Basics in Wound Healing 3
4 PGWM7043 Wound Infection and Documentation 3
5 PGWM7052 Classification of dressing material, Handling and Dressing Changes 2
6 PGWM7063 Ulcuscruris (venosum, arteriosum and treatment pathway) 3
7 PGWM7072 Compression Therapy 2
8 PGWM7083 Nutrition, Diabetic Foot Syndrome + Treatment Pathway 3
9 PGWM7092 Pain Management 2
10 PGWM7103 Wound Closure (Surgical, Stagnant and Burn) 3
Elective (Please choose any two from the following):
11 PGWM7113 Legal bases in wound management 3
12 PGWM7123 Evidence bases medicine 3
13 PGWM7133 Palliative Therapy of Wounds 3
14 PGWM7143 Differential Diagnosis in Chronic wounds 3
15 PGWM7156 Project 6

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health, or equivalent as accepted by the Senate of Lincoln University College Senate with a minimum CGPA of 2.00; or
  2. A Bachelor’s degree (Level 6, MQF) in Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health, or equivalent from related fields as approved by the Senate of Lincoln University College with not meeting CGPA of 2.50, can be accepted subject to a minimum of 5 years working experience in the related field, or
  3. Other qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government.

Duration : 12 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Ph.D.